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Regional Productions


Premiered at History Theatre, St. Paul, MN April 29 - May 28, 2017


History Theatre cast: Ann Michels, Robert Berdahl, Tinia Moulder, Jon Andrew Hegge, Michael Gruber, Jim Ramlet, Norah Long, Matt Riehle, Jason Hansen, Randall Davidson, Colleen Bertsch, Dylan Younger, Josh Ackerley.

Credits: Perrin Post, Director   |   Jason Hansen, Musical Director,  |   Joe Chvala, Choreography   |   Erica Zaffarano, Set Design  |  Mike Grogan, Lighting Design  |   Lee Christiansen, Props   |   Paula Post, Costume Designer  |   C. Andrew Mayer, Sound Design

Photo Credit: Rick Spaulding


 July 11 - August 18, 2018

Cast: Molli Corcoran, Tyler Todd Kimmel, Chris Shea, April Poland, Hugh Hastings, Eric Dobson, Jenny Cross, Michael Winters, Pam Nolte, Daniel Stoltenberg

Conductor/Piano: Michael Matlock  |  Reeds: Dexter Stevens  |  Violin: Emily Ravenscraft  |  Bassist: Leah Pogwizd

Credits: Karen Lund, Director  |  Michael Nutting, Music Director  |  Katy Tabb, Choreography |  Mark Lund, Scenic and Sound Design  |  Amanda Sweger, Lighting Design  |  Kelly McDonald, Costume Design


“Sweet Land, the Musical] is a sweet treat of a show.” - | Kelly Rogers Flynt

“Full of humor, wit, challenges, and struggles, the story of Inge Altenberg and Olaf Torvik becomes an everyman’s story.” | Kelly Rogers Flynt

“The beauty of the show is revealed in Inge’s openness in the face of closed minds.” - | Kelly Rogers Flynt

“Through sheer force of will, she makes her new homeland into the sweet land of her dreams.” | Kelly Rogers Flynt

“With its energetic, emotional music and universal message, Sweet Land, the Musical brings the message of the tolerance, love, and humanity that we need to keep the American Dream alive.”  - The Norwegian American Newspaper | Lori Ann Reinhall




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